Aggressive Demon Dog! – The problem with sensationalizing bad behavior

hey everyone this videos topic is the
problem with sensationalizing undesirable behavior in dogs or in other
words showing dogs behaving badly before you show them after training when
they’re behaving perfectly now I get a lot of requests from people and comments
and emails saying can you please show the dogs behaving badly because in your
videos you only show the dog looking perfect as they go from step to step and
I have to tell these people oh I’m very sorry I can’t show the dog behaving
badly because what happens when you let a dog rehearse undesirable behavior is
that every time a dog rehearses a behavior it makes it more likely to
happen in the future and if you make the dog do the thing that is undesirable
first before then training the dog you’re actually setting the dog up to
not be as successful in the training if they’ve already rehearsed the behavior
especially if they’ve gotten extremely over aroused now a lot of people who do
film production they will film the dog a few days before so that the dog isn’t
then over aroused or over threshold when they’re then doing the training but I
suggest that it is not in the dog’s best interest to film this in order to get
more views for the TV show or the YouTube channel and I know that one of
the one of the reasons people might do this is they want to convince you that
the method might work and it seems like a good idea but in my opinion
I’m putting the dogs first over changing people’s minds so I’m not going to show
the dogs behaving badly in any of my videos sadly we do live in a world where
people are more likely to click on a video of a little girl getting attacked
by a buffalo than they would be to click on a video that says how to walk safely
on nature trails and stay the appropriate distance from wild animals
so I get it why people want to show the dog behaving badly but it’s just not in
the best interest of the dog another reason that it’s not a good idea to show
a dog behaving badly is a dog behaving badly tells you
nothing about the solution to the problem and you can make any dog look
bad in fact you can make any person look bad with the right environments and the
right editing any dog can act fearfully and aggressively if pushed into that
direction so by filming a dog acting aggressively and then labeling them as a
demon dog or an aggressive dog or stubborn dog it really doesn’t help
anyone besides perhaps getting more views to the material and getting people
to look at the training method but in my opinion it’s just not worth it for the
actual dog who’s being filmed now I’m going to demonstrate how easy it is to
make a dog look bad now this is splash she’s 12 years old
and she is the most chill border collie I’ve ever met in my entire life in the
entire world she is so well behaved in the house and when I do vacuum cleaning
of my house for the last 10 years she’s just been an angel I don’t have to ask
her to do anything she just snoozes on the couch while I do the vacuuming okay
and now I’m gonna make her look like a demon dog around the vacuum cleaner okay now I’m gonna show you the demon
dog but I don’t want her to get hurt so I’m gonna give her this ball ready catch
it go get the ball are you ready I’m going to get you I am going to get you
with a Hoover oh my goodness oh my goodness this dog is out of control if there’s a circumstance where there’s
already footage of the dog behaving badly or undesirably that the client has
and they’re willing to show it on the internet that’s great but it also
encourages other people to do the same thing showing the dog behaving badly
before the dog behaves appropriately I hope you enjoyed watching my demon dog
turn into this sweet lovely angel of a dog with my training see you later guys