ACUARIO Tu Propósito en la Vida y Mensajes de tus Ángeles NOVIEMBRE 2019 Tarot

Welcome to this reading Aquarium Special for the month of November you greets jot and jot are here to my channel tarot I invite you to subscribe to activate the bell for you to arrive all my notifications I will Comments Leave me your name and your country to keep you in mind when I’m doing my meditations before these readings start and if you want I’ll beat you answer a Free question of whether or not leave your question in the comments leaves your finger up and share this Video invite your friends to subscribe because once when reach 400 thousand subscribers I will return to this video to respond some random questions of whether or not All you have to do is share This video invite your friends to sign we must reach this amount before November 30 or same November 30 and thus I will return here to answer your random questions so start share this is a new reading I want to know if you like also changes in your comments here are going to see what life purposes for the month of November that have to close that you have to work for you heal and perhaps even dedicate what could be your vocation is a new reading and If you want to leave everything up share it to continue making the energies that you’re going to have during This month the energy of the strange and letter of schizophrenia are you indicating that some of you They could be in an energy where you where you feel like you could be paranoid out of your comfort zone Aquarium where things around you are going to be unknown where you do not know what steps give They could sneak around shaking the floor changing you from one job to another changing you changing your office you in the place where you are in a way radical that maybe you could be living those changes around you and Schizophrenic feeling feeling with those energies that something is me I spend probably going to get fired I probably will bounce may have all these energies change very strong in your life at this moment for some of you these in the I work for others this may have to see in your personal life or in love where you feel things your around they are very different for you aquarium where you do not feel you are as connected with things or situations around you there is a very strong disconnect in your life these moments and then you speak you remain calm everything goes resolve in a positive way that no let things or people around you because I see that this is from external influences to you people around you is filling the you know a lot of head no and it is doing to you to enter as panic They may have friends disque friends or people around you who are you getting weeds are bad-mouthing your There surely is partner with the other Surely there is another who knows this afternoon because there is no You were to me and said they saw all that is tormenting you have energies around you where you You feel as if you had taken from as if it were a plant and take you out of where you are in your natural environment then you put in a potecito in a museum for example for some of you this may also mean that you had to what I have to give them the message you I know my warriors receive messages part of their spiritual guide part I connect the universe and why Sometimes you understand that I will give them meanings are not the exact meanings of the letter because I will work otherwise I are saying that some of you might having to flee their people have to flee from the place where you are living because I see that there are energies your about where you feel that people next to you or you want to attack you They want to hurt I hope this does not happen with any of but if you’re dropping the message it’s because someone is going through this It may be that you are living that to through other people you’re watching this is happening around you as if your neighbors might have to run away from home have been They threatened and you are having problems you’re like panicking like that now I’ll also’re telling me your spiritual guides for a group of you this may be a company real estate you want to buy your property and you are trying to I think bullying is said if to scare you out of your home and not pay you the money you’re asking to pay you any kind of misery tailored to your situation then you speak you have these energies to your around and you have to find a way how to heal this situation we will see if with the message of your angels now we can be clear for that but first let’s see what your life purpose for this month that this life purpose you can still help heal this situation or this circumstance which can be If you are living that you feel in this situation because you can remember your situation is quite another also they tell me of a couple I are saying here your guides where you can change Dad You can be wearing a new man to your house to live It is highly recommended not that there’s a small child that I have had to care if any of you you are considering increasing home as a a man or a woman is a person external that you are coming to your house where you have your family your son Here a young child looks male can I be a girl here also I see a Chiquito man do not do is a market to get there does not have good intentions good your purpose in life for this month November will stay with this letter and speaks of a career change look that what you’re talking with these cards as well as coming out salts transplanted to a place another career change you remember that you talk about why you feel like that in a strange place and that everything is Wow different from you and this letter tells you it is in English I will translate them and them channeled the message says you’re embark on a career that will give you happiness and abundance you want and deserve So all these changes aquarium they will be positive as you indicate whether you change jobs if you change office if you change responsibilities if you change your bosses or if you’re thinking about leaving your work and move out to another place to another city to another country to start something new you are indicating here that will definitely be positive for your life that this change all those who have been thinking right now to make a change in your life to leave behind a who serve us leave behind a neighborhood do not bring happiness where there is danger in leaving behind any situation in your life are you this letter stating that you do this It is confirmation that some of you have been waiting and tells you you have this angel as a beacon guiándote to follow guide them some of you must have taken these actions in his life long ago time and now the universe he is I am taking for you and I am very sorry because when the universe is responsible for taking the decisions we make well so drastic a way you They may be going through these energies It can also be the meaning of a who has had or has suffered abandonment by her partner but you are indicating that all this change you want to make this you want to leave behind will bring you the happiness you want and you deserve so stop panic leaves these situations for those who are suffering truly by some kind of trauma Psychological go to seeing your Doctor going to consult with some medical expert on the subject that can them guide and treated according to what you may be suffering in these moments even if they traumas of their childhood is always recommended and I will always make to search solution even though you can try always with some kind of medicine always primarily alternative assist with your doctor and follow his instructions You can supplement it with a medicine alternative but always under the your doctor’s supervision those who needed confirmation changes in your life for which you are going to be getting specifically in your race you have the green light from universe the universe indicates that these changes in your career will be very positive and that you have to focus during this month by doing things well if you’ll leave a job does not enraptured get to work day and He says I’ll leave it all y’all dad worth ciao ciao ciao ciao no no no no to While some companies depending things laws in your country require 15 days’ notice notification to leave your post other maybe a month do things under the law what advice they give you Archangels romance this month This is the letter that allow your friends help you ask for help and accept support from other people in your life This tells you definitely do not you’re just maybe you feel drowned in this situation or feel you’re in a position of being the stranger in your workplace or in your life but indicate that you have people around you who are willing to support you have to look definitely the council support the help these people who are in your life because they will guide you going to be a support for you you do not have look fear in your friendships they will definitely give the best yes so that you have peace and quiet your angels speak to you of abundance successful set foot on land and take responsibility for your decisions are you talking about here During this month you’ll be with those energies where you are admiring something You could be watching something on your cell what do you want a company in which you want work something you want to get and the universe will take care to place So you’ve both been wanting and manifesting in your hands with this ace glasses that speaks to you comes true and you’ll have this new beginning could You are thinking about a new house you could You are thinking about what to do if you accept money if the company buys your house and he speaks of an overachiever put your feet on the ground with this letter from hanging and swords xota tell me your guides you will achieve overcome those difficulties and put your feet on earth to achieve your goals and your dreams will be a month intense for you a month where you have to have strength and you can not pay for you get your goals and achieve your dreams Teamwork helps dreams that They make reality and success will come to your life look at the 3 golds confirms the situation that you had indicated this letter from your angels and 3 gold you talks about teamwork speaks of make group decisions speaks I also saying here that you could be being influenced Somehow for some kind of union at work or people they want to form a union to have that in mind during this month 9 letter swords that speaks to you your wishes will be fulfilled during this month have to have time to remember this reading is for the month of November to some and they can be manifesting for others you have to wait until mid-November so I invite you to check back to read this to see this reading to connect with these energies the drinks xota tells you that you have a lot of control during this month of your thoughts and your word because you ask is to realize and there’s a saying that goes something like this more or less like be careful what you ask for because you’ll meet That is if you are asking for a new to a new house if you are asking the person in your life will always ask cautiously because once your dreams come true maybe not know how to handle them and why is that letter here from this person on the hung upside down chart because you may do once your Lord really say now what do ok look your guides tell me that some of you have been waiting for approval of any type of visa for move to a particular country can be Canada USA Europe where you you want to leave and will give you what you’re going to receive and now that he do not know what to do because you’re going to have to move you’ll have to go to a new city ​​where you do not know anyone and you will be very afraid but your luck and blessing the letter of 6 bastos closing your reading tells you that you’re going to make it to that place and succeed there will be your success remember that career change will be Lucky for you is your purpose life during this month so maybe Some of you are waiting get a job opportunity work in another country some of you are waiting to be transferred by his company and that you are wanting to be performed and has to do with a change in your career change in your life change where your wishes are going to realize and you’ll achieve’ll have success and happiness so you have to Always keep a mentality and a positive attitude a little stronger reading at the beginning but it definitely looks that you’re going to to work and handle this situation in your favor let me your comments Asked whether or remember sharing This video invite your friends to and subscribing to reach 400 thousand subscribers once we get to that amount before 30 November or November 30 the same I will return to this reading to answer some questions of whether or not random and Tell me what you think of this reading he hit you remember you have to wait a while to be done reality if you like is the whole purpose of your Life for the month, remains the following months displayed in these the following will appear moments I recommend videos and here is my website can give visitors click my page and there are different I offer private consultations and I also jot and prices will decree, a November full of bright and progress