Act of Aggression: Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer

Welcome to Act of Agression, the new RTS from Eugen Systems, creators of the million seilling Wargame series and Act of War, as we return to the golden era of RTS. With strategic base building and management of multiple resources and tight, visceral combat, mass produce units to defeat your enemy and defend your supply lines. Three near-future factions based on real-world technology pit it out in a war waged for political control of the world’s thinning resources, each with their own bases, strengths, and weaknesses. See here the toughness of the battle-hardened US’ Abrams tank. Occupy and defend banks to generate supplementary cash flow and play across dozens of large maps collecting proceduraly generated resources to fund the war effort. In a departure from Wargame, Eugen have created a much more intimate but no less explosive foray into war with a rock-paper-scissors dynamic including the world’s most secretive theoretical prototypes. Each with their own strengths and weaknesses, take advantage of brute-force tactics, stealth technology, base defenses veterancy upgrades and super weapons to engage or repel an Act of Aggression, coming to PC in 2015.