Act of Aggression: Chimera Faction Gameplay Trailer

Hello and welcome back to Act of Aggression where this week we’re taking a look at the Chimera a less oil dependent global task-force, heavy on electricity and diverse in its available tactics. With an HQ that also acts as a power-reserve there’s no stopping the development of the Chimera’s diverse military capabilities; a heavy reliance on unmanned UAVs for exploration and transport, the Chimera can put its manpower into super-soldiers with exoskeletons but all that innovation comes at a cost. There’s a heavy reliance on raw cash with the Chimera, so make sure to capture all of the banks the upside is that many of the Chimera’s units can be bought with cash alone, earth minerals reserved – for the most part – for upgrades and more advanced technical buildings. Infantry plays a strong role with this faction relatively cheap and effective, the Chimera can churn out riflemen and exosoldiers, even upgrading them with non-lethal tactics for easy enemy capture. Following the Sword or Shield pathways, a Chimera commander will select which branch to follow, before eventually expanding into both, eventually gaining access to the Omega Blitzer an HQ weapon capable of inflicting a devastating bombardment anywhere on the map. By in the large the Chimera are the most resourceful and versatile faction in Act of Aggression but at a cost. While they are able to fulfil any role to respond effectively to any situation, they are the jack of all trades, but masters of none. We’ll see you soon as we explore the mysterious and technological advanced Cartel, in Act of Aggression, coming 2015.