A Response to Trump’s Cyberbullying Video

Hello Guys, Educatedcollins here and in this
video I want to respond to Trump’s Cyberbullying Video. Now something I have to keep in mind
is to just not sound like a douche. It’s easy to think about, but it’s hard to pull off.
I have been wanting to do this for a while and If you haven’t seen the video, it should
be on the screen right now… and there should be also a link in the description. If you
have not seen the video or do not want to watch the whole thing, Trump talks about Content
Creators, whether they are streamers or YouTubers and how in the gaming community, there are
a lot of creators that he sees having to deal with a constant flow of negatively, not because
they are bad people, not because they did something wrong, but either their either popular,
unique, or essentially a girl. I mean it’s crazy sometimes. He mentions that he does
not want a century (a century meaning not in his generation) of time to pass before
something changes and urges us, as gaming creators and viewers, to raise UP, to speak
UP and foster a change in our community. “All that is needed for the forces of evil to triumph
is for enough good men and women to do nothing.” I dream, one day, of becoming this “good man,”
you know it is a life goal of mine 😀 so I shall start here by offering my thoughts on
this matter. I also urge a lot of content creators to do the same. Many Content Creators
do not realize JUST HOW IMPACTFUL they are to this society at the moment. Content Creators
may very well be the teachers of the new generation, a lot of young men, a lot of young women,
they watch videos and games and they give a lot of respect to the pros and entertainers
in multi-media. Speaking up and sharing your story WILL affect someone. Even if only a
few people that truly understand the message about helping foster a better community, whether
it’s for gaming or elsewhere. It is a real lasting impact. The key is to spread the message
in a way that encourages others to do the same. You may reach 10, but those 10 can reach
100, those 100 can reach 1000. So on and so on and it all builds upon itself to actually
see change. So I have points of my own but a response
is when you actually talk about his points, not just use the video’s name as promotion
and that just seems silly really. So he lists 2 points. Content Creators are real people,
and that you can counter negativity with positive ones. Soo point number 1. When you post something
on Twitch or YouTube, realize that we are actually real people. See, like you can touch
me, I am a real person with feelings and thoughts and a lot of us actually read most of the
YouTube comments and the twitch messages I mean, a lot of the good ones, and the copy
pasta and we learn, through time and experience to ignore some of it. BUT it’s still affects
us. Everyone, like I can’t think anyone that is just a Buddha at this, and mastery of all
negatively blockage. Umm like a mighty river cuts through a rock through persistence, a
hateful message can affect even the kindest of souls. So if you’re saying something, or
you see something negative, just let them know that is not something that is appreciate
in this community. Umm however don’t be a dick about it, do not, do not, do not be a
dick about it. If you attack them, then you’ve lost the argument. Umm, the games over, you’re
just going to foster negatively by attacking people. Speak in a calm rational manner, or
type, right in a calm rational manner. I try to forget that you know you type in urr in
the internet. Try to educate them, not attack them. I believe that knowledge is a person’s
greatest weapon and if you can give them some of that knowledge, then you each and every
one of us, we can make a real change in this world. You just have to, you affect one, you know,
it builds on itself. And his second point is you can turn something on its head. Copy
Pasta do not have to be a negative, do not have to have a negative connotation. Do you
remember anything someone has ever done in this world to make your day better? Right,
this is fifty times greater for streamers or people in the spotlight. A lot
of times they get their joy, they get their… um what makes them happy. The being able to
do what they love for sure is one of the things. But a lot of things is seeing the actual real
impact they have on society to see someone’s day get better. To make someone happier, day
by day, that really keeps people going. Keeps driving them. Keeps keeping, It lets
them… stay happy, stay committed, It really helps is what I am trying to say and digging
through all the spotlight, all the messages and finding ones that are really positive,
it just makes anyone’s day really. If you TRUELY want to affect a streamer, send them
a thoughtful message! Say something like “Hey Trump, I really respect you, I like what you
are doing with the gaming community, keep it up! I’m very supportive of what you’re doing
and I have a little money so I’ve subscribed or something and I’m following your life.
If you ever need anything let me know. Hope you’re having a great day man.” Something
like that, just anything, any message like that goes a long way. Even for the biggest
content creators, doesn’t matter how big they are. Just let them know that you appreciate
what they’re doing. All their hard work actually affect you positive. It’s really
beautiful when they get their message period. Try it out. Make it an experiment, every time
you get on a stream or you watch a YouTube video. And you appreciate, you just appreciate
what they’re doing. Just say something nice. Be genuine, you have to be genuine and see
the results. It’s a really good point by Trump and it’s something I hope people start actually
doing. It will, I hope, it will do something. And I also want to be mention. This may seem
unrealistic to some of you right now. Remember there is a key to this. There a key to all
madness. People, if it’s interesting, unique, there’s probably a reason and just keep
that in mind. The key is that you are NEVER alone. Like think of all the great world changer
in this world Mother Teresa, Martin Luther the King, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela.
I’m from the U.S. obviously. Um People like that. They may be the figures head, the people
you think, you think to to remember but it would be ignorant truthfully to think that anyone who’s done
ANYTHING in this world did it by themselves. There are people around, I know especially
when you’re young that it seems like everyone doesn’t really care but the world I hope,
people are slowing changing, people are slowly learning. The world is moving to uh, hopefully
a better place. And just remember, if you change others, if you change yourself, others
can change as well right. If you thought oh you know I’ve always been like this, but if you just
think oh, you know, this is a good point you know, I don’t have to say these copy pasta.
I can actually turn it around. Just realize, no matter how young you are, you can affect
someone else and it doesn’t take a miracle, it just takes people that care. And that’s pretty
much my response to this video. I have an audience now so I thought it’s something
I should do because I’ve always wanted to respond but I didn’t really have the opportunity
or the time. Now I do so I wanted to do that today and major respects to Trump for creating
this video and I’d love to say that more videos like this should be in the world. Right
it lets people think about their actions and it also changes opinions. I’ll start to do
more videos um of this nature as well and You know I don’t want to remember as some dude who
just plays games. I want to be a dude that plays games that actually cares. But that’s
hard to achieve right, actions over words. Um so hopefully you guys appreciate, um the
message and I’ll see everyone later and have a great day humans. Roll Clip hahaha
XD Oh man. So I say, screw watching for a century. We can change the world to.