A Pacifist’s Guide to the War on Cancer | Audience reactions | Complicité

The words I would use to describe the play would be: very powerful. Emotive. The play was fantastic, it was absolutely amazing… not what you expect it to be at all. I felt like I was very much a part of it, it almost felt like I wasn’t watching a show. I thought the play was absolutely brilliant. They addressed the audience as if it was a conversation. So I ended up actually calling my uncle’s name out and then got a bit emotional, which I did not think was gonna happen tonight at all, so that’s always a nice surprise; that it can actually make you do that. I knew the title, but the title didn’t divulge the enormity of what came. The play makes you feel a whole host of emotions, there is no way that you can describe it in a couple of words. It is just one of those things that takes you on a complete journey. Respectful of what people around us are going through, what their experience are. It’s kind of helped me in a way because it’s nice for me to remember my uncle, even if it is sad. It takes no prisoners. I’m just blown away by the performance and the girls on stage and what they actually did and how much courage that actually takes… just phenomenal.