A Pacifist’s Guide to the War on Cancer 2018 | Writer Bryony Kimmings | Complicité

So for me the war on cancer is two
things – practically and kind of logically it’s actually a thing that was started
by Richard Nixon at a time when he needed some political clout and needed a
success story so he decided to latch on to the kind of activists surrounding
cancer and say that he wanted to kind of start a war on cancer, in the same way
that Bush started a war on terrorism it was a popularity thing, and so it’s a
kind of tangible political plight. But more generally I think the idea of a war
on cancer for me is about the battle metaphors that we kind of surround
stories of cancer with I think that different illnesses have different
metaphors for different reasons and cancer seems to have a battle because
it’s much more terrifying to think that your body turns against you and that you
have no control over it as opposed to somehow kid yourself into
believing that if you fight it even though it’s only a part of your body
gone rogue that you in some way kind of outsmart it, I think it’s a coping