A New Khagan Is Here – Crusader Kings 2 Holy Fury Let’s Play – Part 15

No, I do not drink from the soles of my energy’s high lab curious recruit that’s the question about that time and I can capped the battlefield. Welcome back folks of exciting vision of let’s play crusader techniques to holy theory. As always I’m your host jay square john german last we left off big We are now the garden of otwo can now unfortunately we’re still under the domain of the euchre but we’re in charge at least of our small otwo can state or for lesion lord who was? Our blood brother passed on the age of thirty five. Due to cancer is son his eldest son both qatar is his air but only the error of his clan and the territories that we grabbed him he is still a managerial however so that is a problem as is his there solution so that’s still thing. Board goodbye is also a over here as a match in is. Is air is it looks to be his brother was also a managerial so? We still have to deal with that unfortunately our ruler died while we were away rating so our armies are actually pretty far from our home the good news is we don’t really have to worry too much right now but anything but I do want to eventually get out of the collectors of euchre. Will want to put our forces over on our side that’s going to do their campaign? And, try and do just that? You already rated all these areas here created that area there. People are paying the rams back that’s awesome I always loved france as, you know, what find out what pace more ransom? God it’s glorious. They’re eighteen hundred gold almost fourteen hundred or d even hundred gold it is a beautiful thing I honestly. Why the hell have not been playing mongers in dire time it is glorious and I’ve not even? I’ve not even reached like europe where the fuel territories are like this is still nomads and driving horses. While that is insane that is crazy. God I can’t wait till later in the campaign and this is the case lord. Thank you. We are building yams right now to be done in september and they also going for ransom here. Ransom but, I saw one note. We do want to start this legendary gathering but we need five hundred now we’re currently at three hundred and five we gain twenty three per month. That’s the thing. While our forces are making their way I got scared there for a second I was like you my got cannot. Why are we? That’s right I make metrics down there. As a person that’s going on a captured still do the guy who we do with four? Anybody want to ransom syllable here and seeing. And, the negative for people. See what’s going on around here all there’s a lombardi revolts. It’ll just years got a revolt not only. That deal with the x communication war from eric on he’s going to deal with the lumbar revolt for king karl’s claim on lumber d okay so carl here. The future charlotte name if all goes according to his plan he is getting his claim pressed for liberty. He’s also pressing on sacks any but looks like sacks me manage to push back are gone here? His mother queen agnes died of depression at the age of thirty one that’s unfortunate because she was doing a pretty good job as a ruler there and a majority muslim state I’m still quite surprised they formed are gone there. Apparently we’re about to fight this guy here. To here let’s go ahead and. Why are we not in the center? Part-time in the center. There you go. That makes sense rank short. Pretends getting older just losing some of his. Would have to this guy here severe? No, I do not drink from the soles of my energy’s high lab curious recruit let’s look question about that time and captain and battlefield what that’s not a bad idea I like your humor boy I’d say padding on the back. And, you can look that story go. Wow, game at the center of. Fifty years closer to the center of attention to leading the center plus ten percent moi. All right we go that. Go that. Come on, our way here. It’s still the classes way home like it it’s no longer raid I want to measure the user forces over there. That will bring ourselves back down here now. And, george day. Effective artifacts wow, my effects artifacts make me a better center commander now. Developed the onto the control the your forces. Lords. Ibm has been built. Very good. See now. I guess we built the armor parameter. All he had raiders out well-developed for-you. Thanks so much grab day. Gas grammar. Ransom ten goal they don’t even want to paid ten gophers brother ads unfortunate. The ransom we’re hampton go for you. And, we’ll send our troops here. Not reading you divorces. Well, our friend died. All he was murder. Murder on the orders of gum cost this of public singular moi wow poor guy he was disfigured out infection was rooted and he still gets murdered on top of his troubles well his son is now in my jail? And, he needs to pay three hundred and eighty five gold to be random value that’s a much begun is worth. Three hundred eighty five gold you’re going to jail for a while I see. Tara level holding entire. Association. Forget megan change these kids. Religions your long goal or tango rather. Show me. No, rules adults. People have been here for eleven years. That’s funny. Has been a long as I want to know? Adult any. Fourteen years. Reports state the new recruits have been partaking initiation ritual allowing the eagle lawyers to be growing in numbers moi. That means but okay. You’re still awesome where the best moi. We can search for a smith. And, I sort of armor I don’t want to spend. They’re arm my mean armor and armor. Results were set up now rather. Addled shy are output metal jive no is algebra I th I will struggle. And, to keep the armies are almost full awesome. The goal that’s gold got goal. She’s growing older I can see that were best you could use and guidance and some of my experience areas do require hardworking may not always be appreciated and this is my chance to make a self sacrifice to not shacks. Not interested. Origin wants to get married. Origin was gorge and origin I younger. You’ll have a cordial moi. More recruits have been pretty the ritual. We have a good neighbor and the men no that needs to prove himself to his new peers now it’s our turn to explain initiation do output on my most intimidating face. He’s got a personal combat skill twenty-three. Menu market tomorrow offer the protests and explain our positions lies all the glitter the thought of the initiation dual for some inquiry cool south sat theses has can be volunteered all. I thought I was going to do it shown the ropes brother he sees us twenty-three versus fifteen. Badly bruised must lost is wrongly mastered your today ransom is very good? All right fix a lot of things. Stubborn streak that’s fine. Older you moi. Range patrol. Overall new the guy who murdered our friend. Wow, your wife is labor’s about suppose that how books singular and good best to get married right so it’s seconds? No, and, I grabbed his two daughters. And, have a sister in jail and I’ve got it but though I’ve got one of his dog, you know, none of us guidelines? Where you add pinching teaching? Which is like? No, way down there absolutely not. In spite of some I was little and being satisfied with the skill display by many mart. I’m intrigued only time will tell whether joining ranks of the right path of young manner not remember interesting indeed. That’s right you’ll pay your rent rooms. Here the regime oi. Some marshal education. Those brand names. This is now you want to marriage. Came up wants to marry. Is steward to our daughter? Marshall totally has told me that a remarkable armor smith residing in some bug got out he suggested that I invite them and my core to see is work for myself if he manages to impress me I could order my own custom made of? This year george today the armor smith. Buddy’s got stewardship I won’t marry Was about this. Once the armor spits craftsmanship is and checked by most knowledgeable tends to ensure the quality was sufficient I received them and the throne room introduced himself as master george today ingested towards numerous assistance well cared examples of his work that’s my could gone have anything special in mind. I immediate protection make me a strong and studies of armor all right a bonus and relevance as well as marshall personal comets going monthly prestige. Bomber icing an excellent choice hundreds today and cost forward in the system creating several sets of armor arms I have a couple of examples here one must determine what one unique and how much one is good pay but also if your hyannis well let’s go from bottom-up act your mind or nothing I am sure whatever you make is good enough plaster toward the cheapest of armor? So, the goal I do not any frills crappy something affective hundred eighty goal. I would not go into battle with anything but the very best at four hundred goals gold but it will drastically increase your morale offense monthly prestige marshall and personal comments go and we’ve got plenty of money. Even the best. That’s okay all these random pay for it right. All these ransom was paid for it’s a glorious day. I can create twenties I think. Now know what this does for the. Zero university right you have the height shoot them of what you can. even goofy I mean sure moi. Possible that one up not really sure what they do for. Among rules. So, it does happen. At the tara just founder the user forces. He’s dynamite dungeons and they could just be paid us some just say and. And, his army is all over here. We could do some reading converge. Honest-to-god but. Music better right now it’s going. Twelve hundred troops view. Likely you’re going south. He’s way too far away to get there in time. Although in. Poland we’re. Struggle as well. I’m struck with nervous six when master jury today announced that the set of armor was nearing its completion today I’ve received the master in my throat room as he unveils the armor wreck I find it almost impossible to breathe what? Will you name her like a god? This armor shelby my guardian. With this armor I showed be a champion everyone shelf fear toward. Like it like ordinarily see it on a see it but I just spend money for. Boards out of the finest materials and with expert craftsmanship this armor turns its owner into a stalwart barrier against any focus quality level three morale damage plus ten percent of the procedure plus point seven five marshall plus one personal comment skill plus ten. So, we have that in warden and we have our masterful short sword both quality of three whipped right now. That’s awesome. These guys just give us regular prestige. That’s awesome. Good times good dives. We need we not rate moi. We know rate. Don’t? Tell me it’s because I’m now directly under this guy that I can radium anymore. That’s super lame okay that makes it all the more important that we get out of this guy Build armor rafter. No, minority shrines planned gathering hall camp what vacations. Amplification. Because we can read this guy will miss out on a ton of opportunity really. A is a time it’s time we can now go ahead and send the inverse. Of a unit let’s see we can send him. a bird conference ran in sixty totally for four-ninety or hard lesson for four-ninety absolutely not sitting harrison and months until way can’t maybe. He likes. St try and find somebody with some good. Of this you. Objects. Object you is going to be marrying and imagine you’re married to one of my daughters this one verb assume. Right. Services to. There were sue and you would gain zero procedure marion house arguing minus four hundred-million career. But, the genius. Occur genius. And, he’s the best stewart by far. You given gold amos okay let’s. He was good and let’s see how the amber rates them. No, the effort involved in one at all interesting ever want to commander looks like. Okay, so. Will promote commander instead? A proton seventeen strategies and defender. Excellent. What say you remember as? Why doesn’t he want? The only one of these three why. I don’t understand. We have six hundred seventy. We can request a chinese artifact. If we wanted to which would receiver we would receive a random artifact ranging from quality one two quality three? That’s. I don’t know about that seems like a waste of an artifact if we get like a call-you one. Let’s. Be nice to get a scholar bureaucratic it’d be nice to get a master engineer. Do I have extra memberships to give out is that by an athlete did? I’m sure you could be better to. Right so we. Heavily reach you emperor dies on the tang empire has graciously accepted your gift shall enjoy the strategies you sent to us generosity of the younger dynasty will not be forgotten aim to please. So, I could. He’s worried about is about bond act down there. Our rushed. At territory because this is where his army if I rushed that territory. I might be able to pull off a victory. And, break-away from the younger maybe. Really think about it. Really thinking about it. We have twelve hundred troops right there. Leading come together. I mean this is a gamble. We can declare award for yourselves and being a tributary came back and join us the zoo or is this guy would join him he’s got three thousand by himself? But, we’ve proven we can beat. A thousand loss difference. In our battles. Let’s do it. We’re going to war all my god this is dangerous is way dangerous. Okay, all right we are now fighting the euchre force for our independence will be successful. Find out. Next time every one it showdown time what’s the over under let-me on the comments enjoy the video like it what more of this content subscribing click that bell icon and lastly consider joined the channel as a member for exclusive batch the motes and other perks until next time this is jay square john jerry signing off saying so long and take care.