A 7-Year-Old’s Anti-Bullying Rap Video Goes Viral

– If you hate bullies and love rap, you’re going to love this
anti-bullying music video that went viral. It’s from second grader Michael
Smith, AKA Lil Money Mike. Check it out. ♪ I’m bully proof ♪ ♪ We bully proof ♪ ♪ I’m bully proof ♪ ♪ You bully proof ♪ ♪ Daddy told me son, never fit no man ♪ ♪ Self esteem is the best in the land ♪ ♪ I’m bully proof. ♪ ♪ You bully proof ♪ – This is a smooth flow
from a seven year old ya’ll. Let’s get Lil Money Mike and his grandmother
Cherylynn on Skype right now. Here we go. Hi! I’m Kelly Clarkson. (applause) – I love you. Wait, Lil Money Mike, I
loved you rap so much, like why did you record it? I’m loving right now. – because I wanted bullying
to stop in all schools. – So wait, who came up
with the tile of the rap? – My granmommy. – You’re a gramma? I mean you are beautiful
and young looking! – A glam ma. – I’m like, what? – Thank you Kelly. – What kind of skin care do
you use grandma Cherylynn? Okay, so such a clever title,
what’s your take on all this? – We’ll I’m just so proud
of MJ, AKA Lil Money Mike. We teach him to be confident and to know who he is and this message is just part of who he is. He’s a very confident lil
boy, who loves helping people and this is just indicative of who he is. – I love it. Okay, Lil Money Mike were you surprised when your rap started going viral? – No. (laughter) – Oh my god. I love you, confidence
is key, Lil Money Mike.