7 TIPS to STOP Online Bullying! | Kati Morton, Therapist | Kati Morton

Hey everybody today We’re going to talk about ways to deal with online hate and bullying and I have seven tips to get you through it Unfortunately there is some Magic pill I can give you or a shot or a tip or a thing to make you bully proof. There’s always going to be haters They may mean people online who are going to spout hateful comments And things towards you and try to bully you But the one thing I want you to take into consideration while I’m offering up these [seven] tips is that Bullying and hate in general says more about the person doing it than it does about you and I always try to keep that in mind because Consider, how bad you’d have to feel to be spouting hate to someone else that you probably don’t even know in your life Imagine how shitty their life is and how bad they probably feel? Sometimes that just makes me feel a little bit better when dealing with haters and the first tip and my personal go-to Is don’t pet it? And I like that term because I like to think [of] haters and bullies as like rabid dogs online where if you say anything back? You comment back even if you’re just trying to like appease or like defuse a situation You don’t know what you’re going to get they might bite you they might throw something back? And I find if we try to talk back to them or argue back we’re just giving them more fuel to use to throw more hate back at us and so I always my go-to is just don’t pet It and my second tip and this one’s going to make you laugh. Make me laugh when I wrote it, but it’s so so true you can be overly witty and outsmart them or Completely confuse them so let’s say that you really just cannot because I know some people cannot take the don’t pet it route They’re like no I have to say something [this] is so offensive or this is so rude or how dare they even try to do that I have to say something back you [can] come up with an extremely witty or Smart comment that they probably won’t understand reference something that may confuse them and my personal favorite that I’ve actually Done in the past back in the day when we had like aol messenger and chat rooms and I was like 13 playing around with my friend Katie on them we’ve all been there I know we used to when someone was really rude or mean We’d talk back to them in a made-up language or even better like russian like we pick a random language And we translate it on google, and you pop it in there, [then] they have no idea. What’s happening? They don’t know how to respond to you and I find it really funny and sometimes it just helps to turn a Nasty horrible situation into something that can make you laugh am I right and my third piece [of] advice is block them There are so many ways to block people. I know people create other accounts trust me I deal with that all the time, but there are still so many ways to block people you can even filter Comments if you have a youtube page you can go into the [comment] section and add words that you want to be filtered out There are so many ways that we can make our spaces safe and happy and healthy trust me I’ve been doing it for five and a [half] years online and I’ve never regretted blocking someone and my fourth tip is Tell someone about it whether that be a friend or a family member just to vet or professional so you can talk about? What’s happening? and how it made you feel make sure you’re talking about it and the especially if this is happening online if it is happening on any of The little areas that I manage especially what’s happening on my site. Let me know talk to [me] about it Tell Carly tell Ally tell some of our moderators about what’s going on because I Do not [hesitate] to block people who are misusing my platforms the use of my website is a privilege It’s not a right And I try to keep all of my communities very safe and happy and healthy and if someone can’t abide by those rules Then I have no problem blocking them so tell us somebody about it so we can do something and my fifth tip and this one’s going to sound kind of [weird] but keep records if someone is bullying you over and over and over again making other Accounts finding other ways to bully you using other platforms to get to you using different username whatever it may be Keep all of those records if anything ever happens if they escalate it to another level you’re going to want all [of] those records When you go to the authorities to tell them about it because things can be done Bullies can be brought to justice [this] does happen and there are so many ways for you to keep records whether it be through Facebook or Twitter or even text make sure that if something like that’s happening You’re keeping the records just in case just to keep you safe [so] that you know you’re protected and my 6th [tip] is To spend time [with] loving friends and family you know those people in your real life that aren’t online Bullying you make sure you spend time with them Nothing can feel better than a hug from someone who really loves and cares about you So make sure we’re making time for those relationships and making time for people in our lives who are positive That way we can kind of balance the good and the bad and hopefully outweigh with some good with some happy wonderful relationships instead of focusing on those negative ones that are happening online and My seventh and final tip is do some positive self-talk [I] know I say that all the [time], but it goes a long way Especially if all you’re reading online right now because sometimes for some reason those negative comments get stuck in our head And we think about them, and we we can almost recite them verbatim even though we’ve deleted them It’s important that we change that that we start by saying good [things] to ourselves [writing] down some things [we’re] grateful for some things We did well this week write those things down and say them to yourself and repeat them to yourself until those Cancel out and like shut down all that nasty negative stuff that we’ve been picking up from that bully or that hater I? Hope you found these helpful I know a lot of us struggle with this the online world is wonderful but it also comes with kind of a dark side too where people have the ability to hide an anonymity behind a screen and bully us but know that you don’t have to deal with it. You don’t have to pet it You can block it and you can surround yourself with positive supportive people who love you And if you’re new [to] my channels click here to subscribe and make sure if you subscribe the you turn on your notifications I’m doing this because of the little bell you can hit so that when I put out a video on a Monday or a Thursday You get notified and you don’t miss out on it, and I will see you next time bye