7 Bad Manager Mistakes That Make Good People Quit

why do great employees leave is it
that a coffees bad is it that the lunch breaks are too short or is it that the
management could be pretty bad well the studies show properly motivated and
engaged employees are 87 percent less likely to leave to put simply people
aren’t leaving jobs they’re leaving bad managers I’m gonna be revealing the 7
bad management mistakes that makes great employees leave and so if you’re
somebody right now who is an employer and you and you wanna be to keep great
talent within your company make sure to pay close attention or maybe right now
you’re also an employee you wanna be able to inform your manager or make a
very wise decision and whether or not you want to stay or leave will make sure
to pay close attention to this video as well because they also suit you because
if as you can’t go in regards to what you should be paying attention to
without further ado let’s go on to the first point which is they don’t
recognize great work you see everybody loves a great pat on
the back there’s no denying that problem is is some bad managers or they tend to
do is just give pay rises thinking that’s good enough
but that simple sense of well done raising significance of other people
that’s what they actually want I mean think about it why do people spend so
much more on a Rolex watch versus buying a Casio that’s like hundred X cheaper it’s
because of significance is amazing how much people would pay today just to get
significance right people buying brands that’s like literally way out of
there pay range because they wanna feel special and so if you’re able to
feel you make your team members feel special by just saying well done by
giving them a round applause when everybody else is watching that sense of
significance boost may be the very thing that they’re craving especially when
they’ve done a great job so that is the first reason they don’t recognize great
work and they’re not giving the enough pat on the backs to those right people
now let’s go on to the second reason which is they care about their finances
over their employees you know there are so many companies today I find they’re
just looking at the bottom line and they’re making their decisions just
purely on the bottom line why I suppose one could argue yes their business but
if you look for example what actually drives
business success look at any billion-dollar company and you’ll notice
they’ve got great employees happy employees at that and that’s why it’s
important you understand how do you create that culture where people within
the companies just like how Zappos has such a flexibility schedule in regards
to how they allow their employees to take holidays whenever they want they’ve
got so much trust within their culture to be able to enforce rules like that
and they know people aren’t going to exploit it because of the fact that
they’ve created such a great management system in regards to how the employees
are being treated and as a result they’ve cared about the people versus
the bottom line and in turn what that’s doing is it’s driving the bottom line up
most businesses are looking at bottom line making decisions based upon that
trying to cut cost everywhere but if you actually invest in your team members in
regards to education in regards to making them feel better in the work
environment you’ll notice how your bottom line begins to rise as well so
it’s about understanding what’s really driving the bottom line here versus for
example is that me just focusing on my muscles and hoping or grow versus me
hitting the gym and actually putting in the work for it to grow ok sometimes I
find people got it the wrong way round so you gotta really question that if
that’s the resonating on any level so that is the second reason most managers
they just look at the bottom line the profit and they don’t really care about
the people the third reason is they’re not congruent you see some managers they
promise a lot in regards to are we’re gonna be rolling this project out yes
we’ll give you the flexibility maybe you’ve been promising a lot of people
within your team that you’ll be doing great stuff within a year but remember
people will not forget the moment you make a promise and remember that Trust
is built upon promises you follow upon and trust can be broken from a one bad
follow through on the promise meaning you’re far better of not making
plenty of promises you’re far better actually just just telling how it is
just sharing them not so much the big vision just selling it constantly but
actually sharing with them in regards to things that you can actually follow
up on and so great manages what they got in common is they’re congruent with
their mission they’re congruent with the things that they’re telling their team
members and they follow through upon them and that way the trust is formed
within the culture that they’re building so that’s a third reason now let’s go
into a fourth reason which is they don’t let people within their team pursue
their passion and I’ll tell you there are so many companies out there that’s
so rigid in regards to structure especially the corporate companies out
there they can they notice they may have even you know heard from their team
members saying hey this is what I like to do but yet they don’t take that
feedback on because of their hierarchy because of the corporate culture they
just put that person in that job and they just say just keep on working
harder hey we’re paying you right now the problem with that is you’re not
gonna be able to get that full sense of energy and the workflow from that
person if they just feel like they’re grinding constantly versus doing the
thing that they’re gifted at you see a chore versus gift is totally different
energy when you’re opening your gift you’re super excited and constantly
willing to do whatever it takes to open more gifts but when you’re doing a chore
so much like I have to do this now and that’s how some of your team
members might actually feel right now in regards to some of their jobs and
processes and that’s how you end up creating a business where people are
clocking in 9:00 to 5:00 and that’s not what you want you wanna be able to
create business where for example like Tesla people are driven by the mission
they see the big why and they’re aligned with their truth meaning they’re willing
to go above and beyond to serve the community and serve the world that’s
what it’s all about so that is a fourth reason and that links perfectly on to
the fifth reason which is they don’t allow for constant growth within the
team there are so many companies today that’s scared of for example educating
their team members more and more more especially in this day and age
where personal developments on the rise most companies have found they’re scared
of sending people their team members especially to events where for example
they will begin to get additional clarity or additional motivation why
because they’re stuck in fear I mean think about it you go to a personal
development event or maybe you recommend a YouTube channel like this maybe the
team members may find or actually I’m not aligned with my truth and they may
quit most managers does what they’re fearing so what do they do they hold
back information well last time I checked that’s like freaking North Korea
right you’re creating a very much of restricted culture and when people feel
like you’re restricting some of them face information back from them guess
what they’re gonna turn against you they don’t feel like they’re one family they
feel like they’re just working for you and this totally different energy that
they’re gonna give back to you so it’s not about worrying whether
or not they’ll quit is more about worrying what if you don’t train them
and they stay you’re not getting average work force so you’ve gotta trust the
process that for example if you invest in them that they’ll hopefully invest
back in you after all you’re far better off finding out whether or not they’re
gonna stay after that versus just holding on to those average people that
you’ve not actually trained up right so it’s about embracing the constant growth
so they can go from a net of somebody for example who’s okay in their job to
somebody who’s absolutely amazing and being to trust that because you invest
in them then hopefully that they will stay but you don’t do it because that’s
the agenda a you want you do it because it’s the right thing to do after all
everybody’s got a is a human need to grow right and if you don’t encourage
growth within your company people feel like they’re stagnant the moment people
feel like they’re stagnant in life there’s a moment they begin to question
other alternative options so you want to consummate people feel like they’re
challenged in a good way so they’re constantly growing because the
moment you stop growing you start dying so that is a fifth point now let’s go on
to a sixth point which is they hire and fire the wrong people and I’m sure that
employees who’s watching this video you can definitely resonate with this when
you see for example people being hired in the company
and you for example you think oh my god how’d they even make it to their job or
how comes they got a pay rise how does that normally make you feel if you’re an
employee right you feel terrible you think like how comes I’m not getting
that right if you’ve been putting the work now as an employer sometimes we’ve
got so much so much of emotional attachment to some team members that you
may be actually hiring the wrong people giving pay rises to wrong people and
what that ends up doing is what people around you team members will see that
and they will be eventually find out somebody’s got pay rise and if they didn’t
feel like is actually well deserved you’ll find some some of the team
members they feel resentment they feel like that it shouldn’t have actually
happened and when the wrong people are let go they also begin to question that
and so you’ve gotta make sure whenever you’re firing hiring as well as giving
pay rises that’s going to the right people and for right cause versus just
an emotional decision because you like that person so it’s about letting go
that emotion and just really just giving it to the right people and then
justifying it and just explaining the why to entire team so they jump on board
and they see why it’s happening as well so what I’m trying to say here is about
transparency it’s not about for example favoring
couple of people because you like them it’s about just really just seeing who are
the superstars and explaining to other people within the team why they are
superstar and really getting them on board with that as well now let’s go on
to the final point which is they fail to engage creativity now if you look at for
example companies like Google they did this perfectly back in the days you look
at inventions like Gmail that was that came out of days where they literally
allowed their team members to work on any project they like give them giving
them a total freedom to come up with new projects new ideas and these for example
genius of idea and I’m sure some of you watching you use Gmail came from allowing
for freedom you see if right now you’re not encouraging creativity within the
company you’re essentially just creating a very much of corporate culture where
people feel like they’re just filling up almost like in the factory imagine just
pressing a button filling up the baked bean tins and boom the lid is on it
feels like they’re like a small cog in a big machine we
is never a great feeling for the team members they wanna feel special they
wanna feel unique so you gotta make sure that you you engage creativity so
those are the seven reasons why great employees quit I hope you found this
video helpful insider if you have be sure to share this video with your
friends and loved ones and as always my friend follow your heart and take action
and let’s go create the life you’re truly born to live I’ll see you on the next
video soon take care