5 Kids Who Got Revenge On Their Bully

Elite Facts Presents 5 Kids Who Got Revenge On Their Bully 5. We start off this list with just the perfect
piece of come uppance you will see. The hooligan who has obviously sunk a few too many cans
of beer during this race event, decides to start getting a bit mouthy and offensive to
various members of the crowd. Nobody likes to cause a scene so he probably thinks he’s
quite safe, then again he probably thinks he’s tough as nails with all the beer in his
bulging gut. When’s told to go away he throws an uneasy swing at the guy in the green hat
and that’s the start of his downfall. He gets his vest torn, a punch to the face from the
guy he called nerd, choked down and needs other onlookers to save him a real beat down!
And top it all off, like the sauce on an ice cream cone, his bloodied nose is followed
by tears of sadness. He even tries to carry on but his day is done. Back to the trailer
park, dude 4. This guy here goes by the name of Low Tier
God; he is one of those classic online doucebags who hype himself up with bravado because he
hits the gym in real life. No doubt, a bully during his school days. The guy on the right here goes by the monicker
Viscant. They’re both vloggers who take gaming seriously and enter in various competitions. Over the course of several months, Viscant
beat LTG many times during online Street Fighter games, amounting to 26-6 in Viscant’s favour.
LTg was so pissed about it he called him out to have a tournament game live. He even went
as far as to physically intimidate his opponent because of his small and tiny wwwwwin streak*.
As per the online record, it doesn’t take long for Viscant to obliterate him again and
gives him the neck slice sign. And, adding insult to injury without even throwing a punch,
he delivers a finishing line no finishing move could match. 3. The world is filled with this kind of idiot.
The guys over 6 foot, had one too many beers at the bar and suddenly they think they can
get away with anything. This guy was very wrong. Acting the fool on the behalf of his
friends he decides a random guy in the line is deserving of a pizza slapped in his face.
As he sits back down and throws some other insults its not long before the guy who got
slapped decides its time to teach this guy a lesson and he sends over his own slice,
in the form of a mammoth sized slap, to knock this bully out cold. His friends, once with
big mouths to run off, become very sheepish and luckily for us they keep filming. 2. This is one of those videos we don’t have
any names for but its extremely satisfying anyway as the guy who quite evidently doesn’t
want to fight, gets fists in his face none the less. This guy is far too heavily intoxicated
to fight back, so we ask you to keep an eye on the grey t-shirt in the background, he
is about to deal out some justice that only Batman could dream of. What we do know is
this whole thing came about because of an argument around who was in front of who in
line for some pizza. 1.This clip will sit with a lot of people
who had to put up with bullies during school. This wasn’t the first time young Casey had
to endure physical bullying from his assailant. When you are on the outside looking in, you
wonder why this big kid is taking flak from this much smaller skinny kid, is because Casey
was tought to avoid violence at all cost. There is a problem though, you can only poke
the beast so much before he fights back and enough was enough. He slammed his bully to
the ground before walking away to avoid anymore mess. The limping at the end makes it all
the more sweet. To give credit, the bully went on national TV to apologise after the
event, but the damage was already done, to both his leg and his ego. Don’t forget to like us and subscribe
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