20 Ways to Respond to a BULLY – w/ Alexis G. Zall and Ayydubs

Hello! My name is Alexis G. Zall And I’m Alyx and some people just SUCK. So here are 20 comebacks for that dumb mean bully that just won’t leave you alone. (Alyx) This is 20 Ways to Respond to a BULLY. (Alexis) OW OW!!! (Alyx) Oh, oh oh – Way Number 1! Oh it’s just so CUTE that you project all your insecurities onto me. Ooh, I’m so scared! There. Is that enough to make you feel good about yourself? Are you done yet? My precious youth is slipping away. I think you had better insults last week… Are you OK? You are so cranky – have you… pooped today? Might wanna try. Oh sorry, I stopped listening. I was thinking about Donald Trump in a bathing suit… Well excuse me for being a rare and unique individual. Haters make me famous. You’re just making me famous right now. And that is just a bad business model. Why are you so obsessed with me? Why is it so easy to hack into your iCloud? I’m feeling personally victimized right now. Does anyone want to film this for Youtube? You were way nicer before you got boobs. Is it because you’re so top-heavy now? You just, like… a little off balance? Every time you pick on me, your lips shrink just a little bit. Maybe it would help if you painted your feelings, instead of verbally assaulting your peers. Excuse me, I’m being cyber bullied… IRL. I am so sorry, I do not speak petty… Could somebody please translate? Troll! Troll! You’re a troll! Don’t feed the troll! If you don’t have anything nice to say, shut it down. It would be such a shame if someone found your WHOLE camera roll. …that’s a lot of failed selfies. Not worth it. There you have it! 20 Ways to respond to a bully. Do you get bullied? Would any of these work for you? Leave your advice down below! Also don’t forget to subscribe to AwesomenessTV. And our channels! Don’t let the bullies get you down. No matter how weird you are, we still like you. Unless you’re like, really weird… Just kidding, we like you more. Bye!