20 frases para detectar un hippie – Bully Magnets

Bully Magnets presents: the Top Twenty phrases to identify the classic radical and stinky “hippie”. Number one: -“Freedom for political prisoners!”- number two: -You are all alienated by the Media, “telerisa” makes you idiot and “tv-azteca” makes you dumb! That does not rhyme …! -Shut up!- Number three: -“Smokescreen!”- It’s a “smoke… … screen”!- Number four: – If there is imposition, there will be revolution!- Number five: -The future is now…!- -… And now I’m going for a “joint”! Number six: – Did you see the “Wizard of Oz” and the “Dark side of the moon” combined? Pfffff! -I want another “joint!”- Number seven: -The history is written by the victors … “Vision of the Vanquished”, “Popol Vuh” and “The Race of Copper” …! …And so on! Number eight: -Peña Nieetoo!- Number nine: -Bias, bias … there is an informational bias …! -Biiaas! Number ten: -It will not pass…!- -… well they did, … but those who follow, will not pass! Number eleven: “Monopoly”! “Duopoly”! “Oligopoly”! Number twelve: -Peña Nieeetooo!- Number thirteen: – We are not going to take this anymore!- number fourteen: – Let’s form a general assembly and vote the “plebiscite”… …well, I’m going for a “joint”! Number fifteen: “You give more power to “power “, They will come hard to “fuc …”! Number sixteen: -How apathetic … political apathy … apathetic … surely they spend their time watching “dumb operas” … … apathy, political apathy! Number seventeen: – “Bread and circus” to the people, “bread and circus”, is only “bread and circus”, “bread and circus” lady… -What bread do you want, a “telera” or a “concha” …? A “concha” lady, bread! Number eighteen: -We’re not anti-system… the system is anti-us! Number nineteen: – “Revolution is evolution”! Number twenty: -¡PEÑAA NIEETOOOO!-… …-(explosion)- This video is dedicated to all those who, by repeating these phrases at least once a day fill our lives with joy! -Get out!- The count is over! -I do not care!-