1999-2004 Mustang SpeedForm Mach 1 Style Grille Delete Bottom Lip Review & Install

Justin: If you’re the owner of a ’99 to ’04
V6 or GT Mustang and you’re not a huge fan of the factory honeycomb grille, well, then
you should certainly check out SpeedForm’s Mach 1 Style Grille Delete Bottom Lip shown
right here. Now, the SpeedForm will be made from injection-molded
plastic and will come ready for the installation with everything needed but the running pony
emblem, which will need to be purchased separately. Your price point for the lip itself will hover
right around 50 bucks while the installation will be very straightforward and not involve
any drilling or modification. So expect a one out of three wrenches on the
difficulty meter here, maybe 30 minutes of your time. And if you hang out with me for a little bit,
we’ll show you how it’s done later in the video. So as you can see, guys, this is a very simple
product with one goal in mind, eliminate that factory honeycomb grille and make for a much
cleaner look, similar to that of the ’03 and ’04 Mach 1. Now, with that said, you can use this to freshen
up the factory lip on your Mach 1 if it’s a little scratched or faded along with using
it on your V6, GT, or Bullitt, but it is not compatible with the Cobra style front fascia
or grille area, so just keep that in mind for all you Cobra owners out there. Materials are very simple here as well. You’re looking at an injection-molded plastic
piece, ABS to be exact, which has been finished off in that same kind of textured black plastic
as a stocker and as such, it should match any existing plastic on your car rather nicely. Now, the lip has been built to OE spec, so
it’s gonna fit the lower portion of that grille area perfectly without any modification or
any abnormalities. Now, again, I do wanna remind you guys that
this particular product does not include a factory running pony style emblem, which simply
means you will need to grab one separately prior to the installation. Now I will have you know, we do offer a few
different pony options here at AM, so if you’re looking to grab everything at the same time,
just check out a few of our different options on the product page before pulling the trigger
on all of your parts. Now, one thing to note here, guys, is that
you will need to either Dremel or drill out a very small portion of the plastic backing
plate, simply for the running pony emblem itself. However, drilling is not necessary for the
actual bottom lip install. I just wanted it to be very clear there, so
there are no surprises come time for the installation. Speaking of which, now we wanna show you a
little bit more about how to get the SpeedForm Mach 1 Style Lip Delete or Grille Delete installed
on your New Edge at home. So to do so, here’s that detailed walkthrough
we promised earlier along with a quick tool breakdown. Man: The tools used for this install are a
clip removal tool, a flexible headed quarter-inch drive ratchet, a small pocket screwdriver,
a T25 tamper-proof Torx bit socket, and a 7-millimeter socket. All right, guys. So the first step of this install is gonna
be to pop your hood open, get access to the top clips for the grille, and remove all six
of these clips that are located here at the top. So the reason we’re gonna pop these clips
off is to pull the grille back and gain access to the four screws that are coming through
the top of the bumper right here underneath the grille. They’re a little bit tricky, so we’re gonna
remove these clips, pull the whole thing forward a little bit, try to get to the bottom of
the heads of the screws, and remove them from inside. So basically, this is a very, very tiny plastic
screw in a very small plastic-threaded sleeve and you have to have a very light touch because
if you push down too hard, the screw will just spin and not come out. But if you don’t push down hard enough, you’ll
just round out the head of the screw. Now, that I have these top clips removed,
I can pull the grille back and as you can see, I have four screws that are pointed straight
up from the inside of the bumper. I’m gonna use a flexible headed ratchet with
a 7-millimeter socket and I’m gonna get underneath this lip and unscrew these to remove the grille. So now that I have the last screw out, now
the grille just comes right out. So as you can see, this is not a replacement
grille, this is a delete. So this is gonna be completely removed and
replaced with this small plastic piece. So you are gonna be able to install this grille
delete without removing the front bumper. However, you are gonna have to remove this
inner grille surround and well all you’re gonna need to do that is a tamper-proof Torx
bit socket and a clip removal tool. So there’s two push clips on the inside of
the grille, here and here. And you need a clip tool to fish down in behind
the panel to pop the clips free. So there are two little slots here on the
bottom of the grille delete. They are gonna go underneath this part of
the bumper, so you have to push this in far enough to get the bumper to go into that slot
and then pull the grille delete forward. All right, so it’s up to you if you wanna
put this grille insert back into the vehicle. It’ll clean up the look a little bit, but
it’s really dealer’s choice. So this kit comes with the hardware you would
need to run a pony badge if you so choose, but we’re not gonna run with that today, so
we’re just gonna finish up with putting the clips back in and wrapping up this install. Now we’re just gonna go ahead and reinstall
these clips. We’re only gonna need to use four of the six
as we deleted this part of the grille. And that’s pretty much gonna wrap up this
install here. And that’s gonna wrap up this review and install
of the SpeedForm Mach 1 Style Grille Delete Bottom Lip for your ’99 to ’04 Mustang. Thanks for watching and for all things Mustang,
keeping right here at americanmuscle.com.