10-Year-Old Anti-Bullying Advocate Gets Surprised By His Idol Bobby Flay

– Jayden’s mom Anna is
actually here in the audience. You must be so proud of your son. I mean
– Yeah. – I have four children and like any time mine
are like exceptional. He was like, I’m just, it’s
just the most proud moment ever. I don’t even care about straight A’s. Like the kindness is what really matters. – Yes, yeah. – [Kelly] Are you just beaming? – I am beyond proud. Just to be here and him
sharing his journey. He’s been spreading kindness since eight. It just came out of him. Starting with toys and taking it forward. He’s on 25 Missions now
with helping shelters. With hat’s and gloves for the winter. Sending backpacks. We just did 419 backpacks
for our community, to local shelters in our home town. This is all that he wanted to do. As a mom I have to support him. And I’m his biggest supporter and fan. And I am super proud of him. – I am so amazed by you. I mean. I personally would love for
you to become a polititian. ‘Cause we need people like you. – [Female Guest] Yes. – But I do hear you have another dream. What’s your big dream when you grow up? – To be a chef. – [Kelly] Yes, I love food as well Jayden. – Yes. – Who doesn’t? – I know. That’s what I’m saying. People that are trying
to be skinny Jayden. (laughing) But I don’t know those people. All right well who is your favorite chef. – My favorite chef is Bobbie Flay. – Okay well we love him too and it turns out he is pretty fond of you. Take a look. – Hey Jayden it’s Bobby Flay. I just wanna congratulate you and all the great work you’re doing with your foundation from
the bottom of my heart. So from the bottom of my
heart I wanna invite you and your mom to my restaurant
in New York City, Gatto. And I’ll be sure to be
cooking for you personally. I can’t wait to see you there. (audience cheers) – [Kelly] That’s so exciting.