0 DAMAGE WIN?! Lifeline Pacifist Match!

Hello everyone this is placed and welcome to a little bit of a different video I decided to play lifeline I wanted to try something I wanted to see if it was possible to win without healing yourself or sorry without doing any damage, but just healing yourself Literally no Damage done whatsoever just meds on your inventory and just constantly healing yourself and keeping yourself alive this strategy is going to be difficult because As soon as an enemy sees you they’ll try to pursue you and you can’t shoot them So you got to get away if they’re like a bangle or something that might be able to catch up And there’s so many ramifications that can go on Like if you don’t have enough meds and the enemy team does then you can lose I don’t know, but I’m really excited to try this out So I hope you guys come with me and see if we can win our first attempt on this ever So let’s get right into it Yeah, I actually have a kill with a lifeline I don’t even know when I did that All right, well I’m going to try to so I got a break off from my team over there where should we go All right, where should we go I thinking we should land far and safe But in a place where there might be a lot of loot, so probably some slums would be good. I Don’t think many people will land there. I Think that’s actually a really good place to go. Let’s try Oh Oh, well, this is a very interesting start indeed Yikes, I didn’t see anyone gopher here though. So I think we’re fine Alright All we gotta do is just loot up all the meds All we need is meds. We don’t even need shield. We literally just need med kits As many med kits as we can possibly hold Don’t need that I’m gonna be dropping a lot of stuff So I’m just gonna pick up as much as I can and then just drop it on the way There we go There’s always good just in case I get shot at I think we need shield cells for now so I can survive some hits Give you a need So The chances of me living in the final circle will come down to two things one if I manage to find enough meds and two if the enemies don’t spot me so I’m gonna have to probably leave the final circle at like the third last circle Wow No meds are based on right now. This is a great start. This is a fantastic start Good job game come on where they at? Really? There we go. Okay. We got one with one syringe here So the final circle really doesn’t do that much damage if If you guys have actually tried to survive it, it’s it’s not that bad beat it eh kid is not really that great because You can have three med kits where fina spit is for shield and health and we don’t need shield. So All we need is health so if I can replace this fing skit for That get down the road. That’ll be very good to have. I Should probably try to go for like the drops as well because there’s a lot of med kits that drop out of that And I’ll try to scavenge maybe some boxes on my way if I can see any But definitely as soon as gunfire is heard. I got a high I get shot See where we’re only six minutes six syringes in so far no we’re at eight All right, just syringes just syringes. Okay, okay I mean syringes are not that bad Three syringes for syringes about one mid kit so, you know one and a half med kits per Her stack is not that bad to be honest Just as long as I have more med kits than everyone else I Should win I Gotta be very very careful on my movement my positioning I’ve never done this before so I’m not used to being a slug and No one will be able to find Okay, this is getting ridiculous, I don’t know where anything Anybody gets alright, I’m gonna assume that this place is done with looting. So let’s get on out of here Okay, so we got some shield cells we got two stacks of syringes to Phenix kits from that not the best But will we’re in the circle so we don’t need to worry about that Let’s see what else we can find I don’t think so package. Oh, I have my lifelines – maybe I should get the oh, there we go Got one med kit that syringe. So this I Should pick up those Ultimate excel accelerants – I think that’d be a really good thing to grab Because then I can get my lifeline packages, but I also got to be careful because people who are gonna be coming for me Maybe if I just do it in the discreet location Yeah, oh we’re getting a lot now you almost got a full stack of med kits I Need a backpack. I Need a better backpack live a level-one backpack, that’s it. Oh, this is He’s gonna be difficult if we can’t find a high level backpack Then I won’t be able to carry anything else and I’m gonna have to be dropping stuff early. I Think I might have to drop the Phoenix kits over the shield batteries because you never know if you’re gonna get hit then again Athena’s kit could heel out the shield but three batteries early and would be way better. Oh, there we go We got a full stock of med kits. That’s really good. That should last me a very long time in the end game storm Okay, well yikes oh there’s a care package I should try to grab this as soon as possible and then run away It’s like always a healing or baby backpack I’ll take the risk. I’ll take it. I grab this I don’t think anyone will be up here. Maybe at the pet They just keep my eye over there So I have my hope I’m not gonna use it yet because I Just want to go out of this area. All right, we’ll pick up the gray bird. We’ll just chill with the craver I’ve got a fire shot though This this nice little snow skin. I got going on with this bad boy Also picking up the craver. I think it’s a smart idea because it stops enemies from picking them up So if I get if I do get spotted I don’t want to be sniped by that young student So I think that’s actually a good idea that I picked it up Let’s drop this right here. Oh Shoot this is not good. People are people were here. You could still be here Alright, let’s leave. Mm-hmm. Not a good place to be Doors were open that’s a bad sign. I just hope it’s it’s been open a long time ago I don’t want people to come we coming over here So far I’m not so like scared or You know worried or anything but as soon as the gun fires nearby or gets shot at me, that’s when Start to happen. I gotta maintain my composure its hide from the enemies you Know in a weird way. I think Bangor might do a little bit better maybe The only the only thing that this character has up on Bangalore is the self-healing ability but the reason why I say Bangalore is because of her running speed when she gets shot at makes it really hard for her to Get killed So your escape ability is really good and her smoke so she can hide behind that. I Wouldn’t use the artillery though because that does damage and we’re not we’re trying to do a pacifist run here. So that wouldn’t work out Another place. Oh the circle is already. So close. Oh my god, there’s five of the squads I don’t have really that much healing. I need more. I live a level one back then dude There’s no way I’m gonna survive the storm or out survive anyone else if they all drop their meds on one guy Yikes outs out lasting the storm is gonna be pretty difficult Just a few more of those I can get another job This is actually really interesting way to play I actually kind of like it, you know, just don’t don’t shoot anyone I just try to hide the storm is very odd in this game cuz like it doesn’t really do any Was that Oh, what was that? I don’t like that at all Oh What the hell is that oh I don’t like that noise, dude. What was that? I’m scared. Now now I’m scared are people nearby Alright, I’ll leave this nothing. Just tons of shield cells all the time where the syringe is at Oh We’d even have a level 1 backpack. What am I talking about? Yikes, dude, okay You guys can brave me for that one in the comments. My bad. That was first game of the day is my excuse Okay. All right There’s four squads left I’m not worried about the amount of squads left Just so much is like the last squad that’s alive because they’re gonna be looking for me and I can’t kill them no matter what So this is round two Round three is gonna happen. Oh the dropship. Can I get to that? That’ll be huge if I can get on that there’s so much healing on that thing People are gonna be attracted to it. Maybe I should risk it though So I gotta get the heals. Did I have two more slots and the wooden the med kits and still be filled up See that there’s fighting there, but maybe I can take that balloon And I should be safe about it. I should be safe. I Can make it to that Is that in the ring it’s like barely in the ring Alright there’s that’s where all the fighting is happening. I just got to be safe and not get close to it My objective is getting to that ship Right there some All right, now it’s getting intense fed this is where the intense start but stuff starts happening Their inventory of only meds will we be able to live the pacifist run Oh in this paper Of course look at the skin by the way guys just one more time So the ship is over, okay, I’m gonna keep it low state of the waters, but all those fighting happening up there I’m gonna make my way to the ship I just hope there’s another another team not billing for it, and I hope they’re attracted to the fight instead My other drop is gonna be happening here soon. So I Can also go out of the storm a little bit here too already cuz I have my healing oh Please no and be up here going in Okay, you got a penis kit I’ll take it Oh Syringe, okay Come on, let’s go anymore. Lots of light out. Oh damn Look at that. Oh dude so much light Oh Make it we’re going out. That’s fine Anymore down here It’s calling the it’s calling the job I gotta get out of here as soon as I lift this Well just syringe nasty, that’s not good I think I want to stay more than a Southside. I don’t want to be on that north side Well, maybe I do cuz the the circle yeah, I know I gotta be over there. Oh But there’s enemies right there man, this is gonna be difficult Crabbers good because I can use it to scope in but I also got to be careful or the Wraith if I look at the Wraith and Be able to call it that she’s being spotted There’s people below I don’t like this There’s a problem please respond, okay, let’s get man so there’s a problem right now. I Need to decide when to leave the circle without them seeing me They go hide up here for now, this is this is a good hiding spot Right here yeah, there we go Yeah, so Maybe when the next circle happens after this one because I think I can out heal it with my drone Hmm Rises oh Man how long can I last with all these? Probably a good amount. I’d have to say I Just focus on the drone mostly She’ll be all my healing then. That should be good I wish I had the gold helmet that would make everything a lot easier Gold backpack would also help maybe no, I don’t think so because the end circle doesn’t really do that much Well backpack doesn’t really do anything in this situation this person right there This is interesting dude, there’s two squads left. This is the final it’s like a very small circle you’ll be in artillery I can’t go for that care package. That is a huge risk There Bangalore All right, I’m not looking at you race, don’t worry I’m not looking at you I Don’t really know how the mechanics work exactly like do I have to look at the general direction or do I look right at than what the slate would do have to put the reticle on them Not sure Well, I hear them side Okay, so I think Here’s what I’m thinking if there’s the the scaffolding that’s up right here I might be able to actually go up top and hide in between the canisters without anyone being able to know that I’m there Unless the circle closes in on that. I don’t want to be too close where they can hear the drone Gonna make a decision though. Like I hope the fighting starts happening more in artillery side so I could sneak in I Don’t think anyone’s out here anymore. I gotta make a decision soon Check I could be below Definitely do not want to be run up on from behind – spooky Why isn’t anyone fighting yet? It has to be a solo fighting these two or three people Thirty Seconds Angelus weekend They have to be waiting at the top of artillery That’s like my main bat that they’re gonna be there at least one of the teams Just ten seconds Right at the entrance here, I think I’m gonna wait out in the storm so they don’t suspect me Coming in at the last second and like a lot of them. They can be gay keeping as well As another thing they could be doing Which is where they stay right at the edge of the next circle, so I’m gonna tank this one and I’m gonna walk in slowly My drone can heal me. I’ll be fine That guy’s going back inside your side so it’s actually ticket hard right now Stay calm that’s all I need to do seal up Bears the fighting. Okay now it’s happening Now this is my chance I gotta go now Yeah, the circles outside of this area I want to take as much pressure off myself as I can So if I hide here that’s my work this might work this might work She do the robot again, Mike McKnight, I gotta be careful. No clearly right here Okay, so my robots gonna be back just in time for me to start healing again Right here is where I was planning to be it’s fine They don’t go looking for me the other team is still alive, this is amazing I Am so amazing right now. The other team is alive okay time to tank I Sure hope this is enough. I think I should do the Phoenix kits first or maybe now And now it’s just one table Come on, baby And I’m blasting unit really fast I’ve a minute until the rain closes. Oh Man it’s really hurting now Robot Hates dude, this is really troublesome. I really needed the helmet for this one I was just chillin Running out of syringes This is intense man, I Have to survive for two more minutes. Oh, there’s no way I’m out of syringes. Oh I have five Eight more heals. I Just still have a minute like this. No way dude. Oh This is gonna be troublesome, oh My god, I have to be so close with these ones Now I think I overshot it Two-one-zero, okay now, it’s good Yeah, I’ll do one more make it Damn I only have two more minutes and I have to do three more Phoenix’s I Hope they have no heels. This is like this is insanity, dude Come on, baby Before it be as conservative as I can be now Okay, okay, okay come on, baby What do I do that when do I do the Phoenix I Gotta do now go do now, right right right. Three two one Oh, Jojo They have no circle or do they know they do they still have a circle what oh, My god, I’m just so scared. I don’t know what to do Do that I didn’t have that many heels to be fair I gotta do it now. No, no no. Oh This is it, this is the last straw it is keep you alive Robot please. No. Did I only have nine eight seven six? Yeah, the robots not gonna be back We with Zero damage dealt victory. Oh my god. That’s amazing. I can’t believe I won with a level of backside, dude Holy crap Look at that boys 26 minutes 51 seconds survival with the lifeline. That is the way to go Let’s go baby. Hope you guys enjoy this video. I certainly did. That was a fun game. Oh my god I’ll see you guys in the next one. Peace