★Top 3 Strategies To COUNTER AGGRESSIVE PLAYERS In Battlefield 1 [Battlefield 1: Tips] [G-Legend]★

yo what is up guys my name is G-legend today we’re gonna be talking about how to counter aggressive players in battlefield one now the aggressive players are all over battlefield usually the most aggressive players are the ones with the assault class gunning everybody down and are the most annoying and smaller game modes like team deathmatch or war pigeons both of them are perfect for these kinds of guys this is what you can do though to lessen the effect that these kinds of players have on the battlefield there’s a few things that we can do what we talked about to know what we talked about three strategies that you can do alright so if that interests you don’t go anywhere guys because we’re just getting started already got so let’s get started right away now there’s two things that you need to understanding will get and we’ll get them out of the way before anything understand that one players that are aggressive with aggressive play cells are probably using either assault or engineer most likely assault alright because engineer doesn’t quite work that way but there might be some you a few daring Souls out there that are gonna try using an engineer class but usually there are salt now that’s number one number to remember that a player who defends well for his team like a sniper is not considered aggressive therefore aggressive players are likely running assault or possibly engineer just know that you know because it’s going to help you make a counter-strategy if you know that you know how you can counter these guys at least it’s easier to figure it out so now that we got that out of the way we’re gonna go with three strategies and let’s get started with that numbers one strategy number one strategy but this is the first one that we’re going to be talking about they’re all equal in a sense that there really isn’t one that’s better because everybody is different and everybody will have different strengths and weaknesses on the battlefield so we talking about three now the first one you can go sniper right doing this counters the aggressiveness of the enemy with passiveness if that makes sense this is a good way to actually counter the aggressive players because you’ll be able to attack them and kill them from a distance that they are ineffective at all right also don’t forget to spot your enemies that’s a big one this also helps counter rushers because it tells your squad members where their location is so definitely consider being a sniper but if you don’t want to consider that if you don’t like us being a sniper that’s fine i have two more strategies for you now number two second strategy you can go elite now if you choose this route you need to think of two things the whole time you need to think passiveness and you need to think about prioritizing survival Overkill’s the best way to counter aggressive players is passively because you’ll always think smarter and you’ll always be more efficient than the enemy is overall you need to be up close and in the heat of the battle to use the only classes of course so in order to play passively why we are with the only class or like the flame trooper like the century kids still counter aggressive play styles you need to prioritize survival Overkill’s now how do you do that well there’s actually a few ways just don’t engage if you can’t win that’s a big one do not be too conservative about the amount of bullets or the amount of fire that you’re actually using just let her rip and the number three when you reach 50 health or below get in a building hide in a corner and wait for it to spread to regenerate also request a medic even if there’s none around you’ve got a request it anyway just do it don’t forget if you see any unoccupied horse nearby this is on a side note you can get it you can press the direction of one get on a present direction but if you’re on console and you can drop enamel pouch or health pouch for yourself and then you just get off the horse me take it that’s a good that’s a good thing to remember so that’s gonna cover for strategy to now if you don’t like that i still have another one for you if you like being on the ground you like being immature you like using the four classes ok here is what you can do to counter the aggressiveness with the four classes go support that strategy number three you want to go support you can equip the support class and help your team zone aggressive players the two things that you need to think about when you’re when you’re doing this as spotting enemies and using the mortar oh man the mortar is going to help you guys out a lot so if you use the more effectively you can do some serious damage to enemy infantry and enemy vehicles which will significantly help your team weekend enemy force so that is why the mortar is so important if you can master it if you can get the hang of it which will come with experience you guys will get the hang of it if you haven’t already if you get the hang of it you can really really help out the aggressive players on your own team which will then help counter oh you know it ultimately help counter the aggressive players on the enemy team so the mortar is a big one and spotting enemies is also huge because it will help your squad members see aggressive any players easier and have the upper hand because of it so this is how you can help your team and ultimately you guys can ultimately take out these guys these aggressive players so that’s that’s a team effort alright guys so i hope you guys enjoyed don’t forget to drop a like and subscribe for more videos like this and I’ll catch you guys in the next one